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Want to Sell your Home?

But the Commission is a Whopper!!

Fill in the real estate commission rate (typically 6-8%), your home value, and the amount owed on your mortgage in the calculator to reveal the true cost of selling your home and how much equity you are losing if you decide to pay commission to a real estate agent.

True Cost of Selling
Real Estate Commission Rate
The commission rate the real estate agent wants to charge you to sell your home. There is no standard commission rate, however, typically it's 5-7%.
Home Value
Enter the total dollar amount that you expect to sell your home for.
Mortgage(s) Amount Owed
Enter the total amount that you owe on your mortgage(s), including 2nd liens for this home.
Your True Cost
Your Equity BEFORE Commission
This is the total amount of Equity that you have in your home. If this is a negative number then you owe more than it's worth.
Commission to Real Estate Agent
This is the total amount of real estate commissions that you will pay to brokers.
Your Equity AFTER Commission
This is how much of your Equity remains after paying the real estate agent's commissions.
True Commission Rate
This is the TRUE NET EQUITY COMMISSIONTM RATE or Cost of Sale as a Percentage of EQUITY.
WARNING... $0.0 commission is 0.0% of your equity!
Remaining Equity: $0.0 Commission Paid: $0.0


Your home equity is like your 401(k): these things are financial Holy Grails. Unless it’s a matter of life or death or putting food on the table, don't touch either!

Homeowners just like you are taking control, leveraging technology, and keeping their equity to themselves. And why shouldn’t they? They earned it! Today’s technology makes it possible and simple. Say goodbye to the costly and old fashion way of selling your home.

Say Hello To Simple and Sold!
    • is a simple, proven system to sell your home and not pay a commission
    • teaches how to attract real buyers, not window shoppers
    • lets you in on secrets to using Social Media to attract buyers


Simple and Sold walks you through how to...
      • Home Value pricing your home to sell based on actual, current home sales in your neighborhood, keeping you from starting too low or too high
      • Marketing your home in the best light, using hot-button words that draw buyers in and avoiding the phrases that keep buyers away
      • Staging your home to maximize appeal and minimize turnoffs
      • Negotiating to get you to the close, with everyone walking away happy


“Brilliant!...Sissy Lappin's admirable obsession with saving money has produced a gold mine.”             Jim Trippon, best-selling author of Stay Rich Forever

I started this program for people with absolutely no experience. There is no mystique in what a real estate agent does; the only requirement is common sense. Consider me a voice of reason, a friend with more than two decades as a specialist in the real estate market talking to you through this program and helping you discover a way to take charge and save money. If you want to know just how much money, try the commission calculator on this page. 6% of your home equity is nothing to laugh at, and every real estate agent know that.

Times have changed. Methods have changed. You have a choice: you can either sell your home using a real estate agent or do it your self and save thousands of dollars.

Maybe your grandparents and parents had real estate agents handle their home sales. But that was before the invention of the amazing Internet. Because of the Internet, buyers and sellers can find each other easily and directly. All the information you need to sell a home is now available online through this website and the SIMPLE & SOLD program.

When an agent sells your home, you are a spectator in the process. By selling your home yourself, using the book and its online resources, you will be in charge of the process - and that's a great feeling!

If Simple and Sold doesn’t give you great advice for selling your home, we’ll gladly refund every penny immediately.
All-Star Reviews of SIMPLE & SOLD

"Listen to what Sissy says. She is a pro and has the experience and track record to help you."
Keith J. Cunningham, best-selling author of The Ultimate Blueprint for an Insanely Successful Business

"Sissy's experience in the real estate industry is unparalleled and it shows in her work."
Clyde Drexler, retired NBA Hall of Famer and Entrepreneur

Learn from the #1 Recognized Leader in Real Estate

Sissy is the #1 trusted voice for real estate. Since starting her own real estate business, she has never had to join a big firm. Her experience and wisdom is your gain. She’ll show you how to price, list, market, and sell your home yourself with the only tools she uses to run her business…a phone and a laptop. With over 20 years of experience in real estate, Sissy Lappin has let the “cat out of the bag” and teaches you what you need to successfully list, market and sell your home yourself—without giving up thousands of dollars in commission to a real estate broker. Meet Sissy.

Organize, Maximize, Plan

Using the SIMPLE & SOLD method, you’ll be able to organize your listing, maximize your pricing and create a plan for selling that meets your personal and financial needs.

There has never been a better time to skip the real estate agent and keep the commission. Why put thousands of dollars in someone else’s pocket when you could keep that hard-won money for yourself? Put yourself on the path to saving your equity today! So whether you’re a stay at home mom or a lawyer, you’re about to learn strategies and secrets from one of America’s Top Independent Brokers.


SIMPLE & SOLD is full of marketing advice from the pros. Mass marketing is dead. Gone are the days of effective spam emails and For Sale signs bought at the local five and dime. People want personal, which makes you the perfect person to sell your house! Sissy reveals her secrets to target marketing: from using the web to reach out to a potential buyer to making custom yard signs to get the biggest bang for you buck. Home sellers have never had access to marketing outlets like they do today...so use them to save money and equity!

For a sample of what you will find in the book, workbook, and DVD set, check out our resources!