The Simple and Sold Complete Package!

SIMPLE & SOLD OFFERS ALL THE SKILLS AND INFORMATION YOU’LL NEED TO CREATE A OUTSTANDING, PERSONALIZED, EASY-TO-FOLLOW PLAN FOR SELLING YOUR HOME. You receive Simple and Sold, the book that started it all, the DVD set to reinforce the lessons in the book with 11 informative and entertaining lessons from Sissy herself, and the workbook that guides you through the home-selling process.

  • BOOK
    • Simple and Sold, the book that started it all!
  • DVD Set
    • A detailed play-by-play presented by Sissy herself!
    • Follow along with the book and DVD and SELL YOUR HOME!

Learn how to:

1. Sell your home

2. Save your money

3. Do it yourself

Buy Individual Products

  • Simple and Sold - Book - $19.95

    The insider’s tell-all book that walks you through the entire process from start to finish. Written from Sissy’s approachable, common-sense and funny perspective as a veteran real estate agent, the SIMPLE & SOLD book is filled with simple tips, key pieces of knowledge, and checklists to make sure that your home sells.

  • Simple and Sold - DVD set - $149.99

    The DVD works as reinforcement, containing 11 easy-to-follow and entertaining lesson modules. See it for yourself: this is how real estate agents create marketing, send alerts, analyze housing trends, and more.

  • Simple and Sold - Workbook - $24.99

    Supplementing each lesson found in the video, these materials reinforce what you learned and help you implement it effectively.